Top Windows Phone apps for keeping up with Major League Baseball

Opening Day for Major League Baseball is right around the corner and for those who like to follow all the action around the Diamond, there are a few Windows Phone apps that might come in handy.

While it is doubtful that MLB At Bat will return to the Windows Phone Store lineup, it wasn’t the only game in town. For this week’s roundup, we’ll toss in a few apps dedicated to Major League Baseball, one to help you keep score of the game and will also mention the usual suspects. Please Note that some of these apps have not been updated to reflect the 2015 Major League Baseball Season. This often happens at the last minute and with the season kicking in on Monday, we expect updates to be pushing out soon.

As always, if we have overlooked your favorite Major League Baseball Windows Phone app be sure to toss out your recommendation in the comments below. We try to include some of the more popular and top rated apps and games in our roundups but we do miss a few from time to time, as well as needing to thin things out for the sake of print space. Plus we like to hear from our readers as to what is trending out there.

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