How to set any Song as an iPhone Ringtone on iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

Set any Song as an iPhone Ringtone

Many iPhone users wanted to have customize Ringtone. Well it is not featutre on iPhone so many iPhone users finds difficult to activate their choice song or music. Well you can set as custom Ringtone as you want. It can one of the easiest way to personalise your iPhone. You can activate Different ringtne for different Contact, so you will know which person calling you while you are driving or busy in somewhere and not able to check the call.

To set custome Ringtone on your iPhone is little complicated. Might be you thought it will be easy but it is not like that. But you can make it if you follow the instruction step by step.

Step 1 : The very first thing you need to do is select and edit the song which you want as a ringtone. For that Launch iTunes on your Computer and click on My Music, choose a song which is on your computer, click and choose get info, now click on option button.

Ringtone’s leghth will be 30 seconds, so now you need to select isolate part of that song then click ok ( you are not removing or deleting anything so do not worry).

Then Highlight the Song, you can see option top of the screen and select create new Version >>Create AAC Version. Now iTunes will duplicate the track, but if you note that iTunes will create only 30 seconds Version. Now Go back to original track and untick the start and click on stop option otherwise track will play only sort section (30 Second).
Step 2 : Now go to Setting
Step 3 : Then Click on Ringtone option
Step 4 : Now you will see the ringtones which are available to set, scroll up and down and find your customised Ringtone and tap.
Step 5 : That’s it you done, enjoy your favorite customised ringtone on your iPhone.

How to set any Song as an iPhone Ringtone

Hope we solve your problem for setting up a new ringtone or customised ringtone, if any other issue still you are facing comment we will try to solve that.

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