How to Snooze or Mark Reminders as Complete from Your Lock Screen on iphone

Ios 8 coming with lots of new features for iphone, ipad and ipod touch and its make our life very easy as we can perform lots of task from our lock screen, today we are talking about Reminders, now you can Snooz or mark it as complete from your lock screen on your iphone.

Reminder allows us and remind us for lots of things we create and on date and time its remind us our pending work or whatever we have created to reminder, Normally we have to go to reminder app and then we have to mark as completed if we have completed some task but now with ios 8 you can Snooze it for later or you can even mark it as completed from your lock screen, you don’t have to visit reminder app to do this task.


These new features in ios 8 save our lots of time and you don’t have to visit reminder app every time to update it as marked, you can do this from your lock screen of your iphone.

Now here is Step by Step Guide to Snooze or Mark Reminders as Complete From your Lock Screen on iphone.

How to Snooze or Mark Reminders as Complete from Your Lock Screen on iphone:

Step 1: First Create new Reminder from Reminder app or you can also use siri to create new reminder.

Step 2: Once you get Reminder on your lock screen of iphone then you are able to do 3 tasks for it.

Step 3: This 3 options includes Snooze, mark as complete, and “x.”

Step 4: Now if you want to get reminder later then you can use Snooze you want to make it complete then you can mark as complete and “X” Will remove notification but it want do anything and it want mark it as complete.

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That’s it, you have completed Reminder in Screen lock on iphone and if you are having any questions then feel free to write in comments and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.

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