How to mute individual message threads on iPhone and iPad

Now Doubt new ios 8 has lots of hidden features, we just need to find it to use it for us, one of the important feature witch ios 8 has that now we can mute individual message threads on iphone and ipad.

If you are using Group chat on iphone and ipad and getting notification whenever someone send messages or text and some time it’s annoying while working so it’s better idea to Mute Message Threads on iphone and ipad, you can mute group text messages, individual message or imessage for any threads from Message app.

Mobile giant Apple is working each and everything small features for its users and now they have included option to mute individual message threads on iphone and ipad and you can follow below given steps to perform it.

How to mute individual message threads on iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Open Message app on your iphone or ipad (Make sure you have ios 8 or higher.).

Step 2: Now tap on Group Message threads or individual message witch you want to mute.

Step 3: Now Tap on Details button on top right side of message box.

mute individual message threads

Step 4: Now Turn on Do Not Disturb toggle to the on.

mute individual message threads_1

Step 5: Now come back to main menu of Message app and now you can see half moon icon next to that message threads on that particular person’s message.

That’s it; you have successfully mute individual message threads on iPhone or ipad whatever device you are having, now you want get any notification for that particular threads, if someone sending you text message or imessage and this do not disturb is activated then you want get any notification.

This is one of the best and small option to try for your device, so you don’t have to pay attention for unwanted messages and you can concentrate on your work, let us know if you are getting any problem in this guide then feel free to write us in comments we are always here to help you with how to guide and trouble shoot.

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