How to Make FaceTime Calls with Siri on iphone

Now you can Make FaceTime calls With Siri

If you Love FaceTime calls and finding shortcut to make it fast then now you can use Siri to make FaceTime Quick, we have complete step by step Guide for you.

If you are addicted to FaceTime calls with your friends and family members then now you can perform FaceTime calls very fast using Siri.

Siri is one of the best Personal Assistant for iphone and its one of the most important part of iphone now and siri can perform some task very fast as you don’t have to do all the steps on your iphone, you just need to open siri and say what you want to do.

Before Going for below steps make sure you have activated FaceTime from your iphone’s settings, if not then do it now, Go to Settings >> FaceTime>> enter your apple id and password to activate it, once this steps done then you can proceed to use siri to make FaceTime Calls.

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Now here is Step by step Guide to Make FaceTime Calls with siri on your iphone.

How to Make FaceTime Calls with Siri:

Step 1: Open Siri by holding home button on your iphone or ipad.

Step 2: Now say something Like “FaceTime” or you can also say like “FaceTime Name” you need to say your contact list name.

FaceTime Calls with Siri

If you have same name for two or more friends then siri will ask you to witch person you want to make FaceTime calls.

FaceTime Calls with Siri_1

Step 3: Now wait for some time Siri will connect you to FaceTime Call.

FaceTime Calls with Siri_2

Once siri connected to FaceTime you will get your FaceTime call and you can start communicate with your friends and family members.

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If you are getting any problem in above steps then don’t forget to mention it in our comments and if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.

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