How to Enable Send Last Location in iOS 8 on iphone

Find my iphone is one of the best features for iphone users, with the help of this we are easily find our iphone, if iphone is misplace or someone has stolen it then we can easily find it if its connected to some mean of internet like WI-Fi or Mobile data but if you device is not connected to internet or no battery life then you are not able to get any data of your iphone and its location.

Apple has introduce new feature in ios 8 called Send Last Location, With the Help of this new feature in ios 8 for iphone and other apple products we are easily get details of last location of iphone and other ios device.

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All you need to do is to activate Send last location option and then you will get details of your iphone and other ios device, suppose if you forgot your iphone somewhere and it has Send last location is activated then you can easily check where is your last phone was located and you can easily get that device.

Now here is step by step guide to enable Send Last Location in ios 8 to find your dead iphone.

How to Enable ‘Send Last Location’ in iOS 8 to Help Find Your Dead iPhone:

Step 1: First of all make sure you have at-least ios 8 on your iphone to enable Send Last Location option.

Step 2: Now open Settings app on your iphone.

Step 3: Now tap on iCloud in Settings.

Send Last Location

Step 4: Now in iCloud find “Find my iphone” option and tap on it.

Send Last Location_1

Step 5: Now in Find my iphone you can see option of Send Last Location, activate this option to send last location of your iphone.

Send Last Location_3

That’s it, you have successfully activated Send Last Location option on your iphone and now you are able to get details of your iphone’s last location.

Now Login to and Find my iphone and you can check last Location of your iphone with the help of Send Last Location option.

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Hope this is helpful for you and don’t forget to share it with your Friends and family members and if you are getting any problem with this guide then don’t forget to write in comments.

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