How to Enable Battery Percentage Meter in iphone and ipad

Activating Battery Percentage Meter On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

‘Low Battery!’ or ‘Empty Battery’ is the most common notification that we do notice in our iPhone or other using gadget such as iPod and frankly sometimes we have to face huge suffering due to this problem. But we can easily avoid these kinds of awkward situations by only enabling the Battery Percentage Meter, an essential feature that accurately shows the current battery level of our phone top screen.

Actually it is little bit difficult to guess the percent of charges left in the battery from its small icon, and that’s why this feature got significance among the users. If you belong to the new users who recently started using the iOS devices and got confused that how the battery percentage meter could be activated, then just follow the following steps.

How To activate Battery Percentage Meter in iPhone or iPad:

If you facing trouble to find your iOS device battery percentage and also didn’t have the idea how to do it perfectly and see your battery level knocking you, that you need to plug in your iPhone, ipad or iPod in a short time. So, that follows the bellow steps and sees your battery percentage quickly.

Navigate to General -> Usage, and then you just have to flip the toggle from Off to On to enable the Battery Percentage Meter. It will be showed at the right top corner of your phone screen. And this activation system is applicable in both of iOS 7 & iOs 8.

Battery Percentage

How To activate Battery Percentage Meter in iPod:

The above steps are not applicable for iPod Touch. Some advance steps are required in this. Frankly, it can be said that Apple did not get any necessity of Battery Percentage Meter for iPod users. So to activate this feature in your iPod Touch, you might have to “jailbreak” the security system. But it has both positive and negative impact.

Hope your problem has been fixed with our guide and if you are facing any problem then feel free to write in comments, we are always here to help you and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members.

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