How to back up an iPhone – Contacts, Photos and More

How to back up an iPhone - Contacts, Photos and More

Back up an iPhone – Contacts, Photos and More…

On your iPhone there will be many important documents you have stored. When you need you are using that right, but have thought if you lose your photos, files, documents, videos, Contacts. Am sure you feeling very iritating.

Your iPhone is very important more than it’s value. Because you store Photos, videos, Documents, important contacts, Reminders, and more which you never want to lose for that you need to take backup in case lost, theft, forget somewhere, misplaced etc can be happen.

So don’t get lost them keep back up your data of your iPhone. It is as simple as that you can back up your device using iTunes and iCloud. iCloud is most easier way to backup your data regularly infact day by day backup it stores. It saves your contacts immeditate when you store new Contact, it saves immediat when to snap the picture, videos.

There are two ways to take backup data from your iPhone iCloud and iTunes both the methods are easy but automatic backup can generate via iCloud.

How to backup an iPhone using iCloud :
The easiest way to backup your data, It’s Apple’s own iCloud Service which provides 5 GB Storage capacity for each Apple ID. In what you can store Bookmarks, Contacts, Documents, Mail, Notes and photo gallery.

Step 1 : On your iPhone go to Setting
Step 2 : Than tap on iCloud
Step 3 : You will see toggle on iCloud Backup

That’s it you done it, your device will generate automatic backup without doing any manual procedure like iTunes.

How to Backup an iPhone using iTunes :

This local and old method to have back of your iPhone on your Computer. Well it is manual procedure to have backup of your iPhone.

Step 1 : Connect your device to computer
Step 2 : Then Choose File >>Devices >>Back up

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