Yahoo's new tools will show developers how people use their Apple Watch apps

Yahoo has announced new developer analytics tools for Apple Watch applications.

Yahoo launched their mobile developers tools earlier this year to help developers monitor their apps for iPhone and iPad. Now, they can use Yahoo’s new tools to track the usage of their Apple Watch apps.

From Yahoo:

Developers have the ability to track custom Apple Watch events to measure how users are interacting with the experiences they develop for the smallest screen. They will also be able to understand how users engage with the app running on the Apple Watch and its parent app on the user’s smartphone.

Using these new tools, developers will be able to see metrics on new users, active users, and breakdowns for how often users interact with their apps. Once a developer updates their app to use Yahoo’s new tools, they’ll be able to monitor their watch app just as they would with any of their other applications.

You can read more about the specific features, and get started adding Yahoo watch analytics to your app, at the link below.

Source: Yahoo

Source: iMore

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