We're answering your LG G4 questions on the Android Central forums!

We’ve got LG’s latest flagship in our hands, and you’ve probably got some questions.

Now that LG’s 2015 flagship is officially official, and we’ve had a few minutes to kick the tires and push the buttons, it’s time to field some questions from you and take a deeper look at what this phone has to offer. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the LG G4 is absolutely worth paying attention to, which means it’s time to head to the forums for a good ol’ fashioned Q&A.

We’re a little ways away from a full review of this phone, especially after T-Mobile explained that the version we’ve got here is running on pre-production software, but with your help in the forums we can start putting this phone through its paces and start exploring LG’s new Android 5.1 experience. Jump on that link below and start tossing out some questions. We’ll be here all day!

Source: iMore

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