Waltr for Mac lets you drag-and-drop Flash video files and more onto your iPhone

Waltr, a Mac app that lets you drag-and-drop multiple file formats such as MKV and FLAC onto your iPhone or iPad, has received a large update, adding full subtitle support and new format compatibility.

In addition to MKV and FLAC, Waltr supports MP3, MP4, AVI, CUE, WMA, M4R, AAC, M4V, M4A, and ALAC, many of which aren’t supported in iTunes. Waltr will load these files directly into your iPhone’s native Music and Video apps. With version 1.5, the app adds support for several new formats, including FLV, MPEG, and WEBM for video, and AIFF, WAV, and OGG for audio.

Also supported in this version are SRT and ASS subtitle files. The app also features a retouched design, and the developer has said that automatic metadata, Wi-Fi transfer, and picture support are all in the works.

You can download Waltr for free with a 14-day trial, after which you can purchase a license for $29.95.

Source: iMore

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