Vainglory is now a universal game for the iPhone and iPad

The latest update to the game Vainglory turns it into a universal app for the iPhone and iPad.

Fans of the hit free-to-play MOBA game Vainglory can download an update to version 1.5. In addition to some new game content, it turns the game into a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad. Prior to today, Vainglory was released as separate apps for the iPhone and iPad. While iPad players will not notice any difference, gamers on the iPhone version will be directed to the new, universal Vainglory app when they download the 1.5 update.

After that is done, the iPhone players will see two Vainglory apps. One is the brand new version which can be played immediately, while the other is the old version which will continuously ask users to “update to latest version”. That one can be safely deleted.

The new version also adds a new Hero to the game called Fortress. Here is its description:

This Halcyon Well guardian is a snarling, frightening sight in the jungle. He stalks prey, closes in with teammates, flanks targets and creates challenging, multi-front confrontations. Stay near your allies and bite and claw your way to kills.

There are a number of other new additions and features in this update, including a Basic Bots mode that helps new players get used to playing Vainglory before they join online matches with real people.

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