Using a GoPro with Android

When it comes to strapping a camera to something and doing something crazy, GoPro is usually the first gadget that comes to mind nowadays. The company has worked hard to put its hardware in the hands of some of the most extreme activities mankind has dreamed up, including Google’s new Jump program, and as a result its the new Qi charger product offers nearly first-person view of what it’s like to do those things from the safety of your couch.

As cool as it is to watch those videos, GoPro cameras can be used for a whole lot more than diving off of something or spinning around someone in spectacular fashion. The sheer number of options you have available to you with one of these little cameras is impressive, but accessing those settings from the camera itself is more than a little obnoxious. If you’re in an environment where it is convenient, the GoPro app for Android is a much better idea.

Here’s how it works.

Source: iMore

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