Unnecto Air 5.5 — a dual-SIM phone for the US

Unnecto’s latest smartphone isn’t the best or the prettiest, but it serves a purpose not many other US phones bother with.

The sub-$200 smartphone market has never been more interesting than it is right now. We’ve seen impressive offerings from manufacturers big and small over the past year, and news that Qualcomm will be partnering with Cyanogen for the next wave of QRD offerings means the software is about to get a lot less awful for a lot of these inexpensive devices.

That doesn’t mean the current offerings aren’t compelling, and there’s no greater example of this than the latest from Unnecto. The Air 5.5 is a surprisingly functional $169 smartphone built to be sold as a dual-SIM smartphone in the US, but it’s not totally clear whether or not that’s something useful here yet.

Source: iMore

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