Thred is a new iPhone storytelling app from the creator of The Sims

Will Wright, one of the greatest game designers of all time, has expanded into mobile apps with the launch of Thred for the iPhone.

Much like Wright’s earlier games like The Sims and SimCity, which gave users free will to create their own cities and virtual people, Thred is designed to give users the freedom to make their own stories on the iPhone, using photos that come from other Internet sources as well as their camera roll. Here’s a very quick description:

Use THRED to make multi-image creations for anything from web comics, to logging your tropical vacation, to useful how-tos… or just as a platform for your infamous snark. THRED gives you the tools you need to make whatever you’re into. So make it.

Any photo stories created with Thred can also be shared with friends. There’s also the option for the app to run in the background so it can automatically create Threds that users can then change and edit. At the moment the app is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Source: iMore

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