This week's sidebar poll: What's your browser of choice these days?

Tell us which Internet browser you’re using.

Chances are good that you do quite a bit of Internet browsing on your Android. Current technology — both on the website side and the web browser side — allow for both low-bandwidth mobile viewing or the full desktop experience on our phones and tablets, and that means there’s a big market for web browser client apps that have unique features. We love it when things like this happen, because it means we get better apps and can have more fun. Or do more work. But especially have more fun.

With so many different web browsers available in Google Play, we wanted to find out who is using what. When that happens, we turn to a trusty poll to see what readers here at AC think. Take the poll, then hash it all out in the comments. We’re counting on you fine folks to help us find the best web browser!

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