Things that make you go hmmm: Microsoft How-Old

Famous late night talk show host and comedian Arsenio Hall popularized a phrase, “Things that make you go hmmm?” during his shows run from 1989-1994. He would stand before his audience and state the phrase with his finger pointed to his temple invoking a thoughtful appearance.

As many of you know I normally write long form analytical editorial pieces. Don’t worry I will continue to do so. I’m working toward completing the “Highs and Lows: Microsoft’s Smartphone Strategy” series as you’re reading this.

Now and then however, interspersed between those more in-depth pieces, I will engage you with these shorter pieces that look at a particular aspect of the Microsoft ecosystem in brief. Technology, particularly new implementations of technology, has introduced just as many questions as proponents of the technology claim it answers. These pieces will focus on, as Arsenio would say, things that make you go, “hmmm?”

Source: iMore

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