Steam Spotlight – Gurumin: a Monstrous Adventure for Windows

Welcome to the latest installment of our semi-weekly feature, Steam Spotlight! Here we will look at interesting games available on Steam, the popular digital distribution platform for Windows computers. Today’s Spotlight title is Gurumin: a Monstrous Adventure from Nihon Falcom (makers of the Ys series) and US-based publisher Mastiff.

Gurumin is a 3D platformer starring a girl who wields a drill against the evil monsters who threaten the peace between the human world and kindly monsters. Along the way she’ll collect new parts for her drill, equip an arsenal of hats and outfits, and rebuild the friendly monsters’ village one piece of furniture at a time.

With cute characters, bright and cheerful colors, and old-school 3D gameplay, Gurumin is not your average Steam game. Find out more in my detailed review with video!

Source: iMore

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