Should I upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Galaxy S6?

Considering the timing and differences between the phone, it’s a tough upgrade decision to ponder.

Samsung runs two distinct flagship lines, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, each offering different qualities to appeal to different kinds of users. The Galaxy S series is the phone for a broader base of users, with a more average-sized screen, a few leading features and a neat design, while the Galaxy Note series turns all of the knobs to 11 with a huge screen, S Pen input, cutting-edge features for the large screen and tons of power.

The phones are released on a staggered cycle, outdoing each other in some areas as they’re released about six months apart each year — and that makes the decision a bit fuzzy on whether it’s at all worth an upgrade. The phones are in different classes in terms of features and sizes, but we still want to explore the idea of upgrading from a Note 4 to a Galaxy S6 — let’s talk about it.

Source: iMore

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