Samsung gives bend-gaters exactly what they want — more attention

An insurance company once again implies that your phone is ready to fold in half at any time. So why do we all keep falling for this same tired story?

When someone says something stupid about you for the purpose of getting attention, you have two choices. You can either take the high road and ignore it, or you can answer the accusation and risk dignifying what was flung in the first place. Samsung has taken the second route — rightfully, I believe — and fired back at warranty peddler SquareTrade, which last week released a video basically folding the Samsung Galaxy S6 in half. You know, just like the iPhone.

Only not really. At all. It’s just more bullshit from a company that’s been spewing it for years. (That’d be SquareTrade. Not Samsung. Though the latter isn’t exactly innocent in the mud-slinging.)

Source: iMore

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