Pocket Casts brings podcasts to your ride with Android Auto

The first in our tour of the apps that are available for Android Auto starts with one of our favorite podcast players.

Android Auto

Pocket Casts has been one of our favorite podcatchers for quite some time, employing an excellent mix of form and function. And it’s one of the initial apps available with the launch of Android Auto. As we explained in our intro post — Getting Started with Android Auto — this isn’t a separate app built just for using in your car. Rather, Android Auto adds a few hooks to leverage the existing code base and rendering it specifically for use on a 7-inch, distraction-free UI in your car. If you don’t use Pocket Casts — that is, if it’s not already on your phone when you plug it in, then you won’t see it on the head unit. That’s the way this all works.

So … How is Pocket Casts for Android Auto? Let’s take a quick look.

Source: iMore

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