Paper by FiftyThree will now save your journals in the cloud

FiftyThree’s Paper app has been updated to version 2.4.1 with support for cloud backups of journals, and a new place to see all of your activity in the app’s Mix service.

Free backups of all of your Paper journals are now available to anyone with a free FiftyThree account. Backups are secure, and remain viewable only to you. With backups, you can easily restore work that has been deleted, or easily bring in your old work to a new iPad.

This update also adds the Activity Center for the Mix social drawing service. The Activity Center shows all activity related to you and the work you’ve shared on Mix. You’ll see if someone likes your ideas, who remixes them, and who follows you.

Because of continually falling numbers, Paper will no longer support the Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus in version 2.4.1. FiftyThree currently offers their own Pencil stylus, which starts at $49.95, for those that need to switch. The update also fixes a number of bugs.

You can download Paper 2.4.1 from the App Store now.

Source: iMore

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