OWC's new thumb drive comes with up to 480GB, but it will cost you

OWC has announced the Envoy Pro mini, a USB thumb drive with the storage capacity of a desktop hard drive.

The Envoy Pro mini is a USB 3.0 thumb drive that comes in two capacities, and supports sustained data transfer speeds of up to 433MB/s. For $119, you’ll get 120GB of storage, while $199 will net you 240GB. OWC will release another model later this year with 480GB of storage for $599.

This wasn’t OWC’s only solid state storage announcement this week. On Monday, the company revealed the Viper Pro, an external SSD with support for Thunderbolt 2, coming in 4TB and 8TB configurations.

The Envoy Pro mini is now available to order from OWC and select retail partners.

Source: OWC

Source: iMore

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