Our favorite clear cases for iPhone 6 Plus

Have an iPhone 6 Plus you want to protect but not cover up? There’s a great clear case for that!

While some people like bright and bold colors, some people prefer the original look of the iPhone, as Apple intended it. However, carrying a naked iPhone around makes a lot of people nervous for obvious reasons. So if you’re someone that prefers the naked look but still would like some kind of protection, these are currently our favorite transparent cases for the iPhone 6 Plus !

Have an iPhone 6, not a Plus? We’ve got clear case recommendations for you too!

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

Case-Mate’s Naked Tough Case offers a bumper and case shell layer that are separate. The buttons are super easy to press and this case fits exceptionally well. Case-Mate uses a great material that doesn’t stick to your pockets either, but still manages to keep a firm grip to almost any surface.

$22.95 – Buy now

Case-Mate Tough Air Case

The Case-Mate Tough Air case is thin and has easily pushable buttons. The inside of the back of the case is lined with tiny textured squares that should give this case a little bit more shock protection than some other options. You can choose from two types of edge colors, black and lime.

Poetic Atmosphere Series

Poetic’s Atmosphere series is not only a bargain, it’s one of the only silicon/hard shell cases that add next to no bulk. It may not be as grippy as some of the rest but it feels extra sturdy in your hand. It also has tons of fun colors available for the frame edges, if that’s your thing. You can of course opt for straight up clear.

Griffin Reveal Case

The Griffin Reveal case offers a transparent back on your iPhone 6 Plus and lets you pick either clear, pink, or back edges. The polycarbonate material adds a little extra grip but protects well from minor surface scuffs and scratches. My favorite thing about the Griffin Reveal is how easy it is to take on and off.

$14.95 – Buy now

Power Support Air Jacket

If you don’t like branding on cases, the Power Support Air Jacket is for you. It’s a perfectly clear case that perfectly encases your iPhone 6 Plus in a truly clear and unmarked shell. It feels great in the hand and even comes in a few different finish styles including clear, smoke, and matte. And if clear isn’t your thing, there’s a solid black option as well.

Case Ace Crystal Clear

The Case Ace is my favorite budget clear case for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It may be on the cheaper end of the spectrum but it feels great, doesn’t pick up dust and lint, and provides a decent amount of protection. The buttons are easy to push and it doesn’t seem to stretch out too badly over time. For less than $10, you just can’t beat it.

Your picks?

If you prefer to keep your iPhone 6 Plus in a clear case, what one is currently your favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


Source: iMore

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