On Google, Apple, data, privacy, rhetoric — and making up your own mind

There’s a bit of a witch hunt lately against data-driven services. But it wasn’t long ago that the torch-bearers were singing a different tune.

Today Apple executives will take the stage at the keynote address for the Worldwide developer conference. WWDC. I’ll be watching. Like Google I/O nearly two weeks ago and Microsoft’s Build conference earlier this year, it’s a preview of things to come, and immensely important in the tech space.

Plus, seeing new stuff is always cool.

For me, the product is what’s important. New software. New features. New APIs and ways of doing things. The rhetoric, as it tends to always be, is generally unimportant bullshit. And it has been for years. From all sides.

Over the past few weeks — following an important-but-barbed talk from Apple CEO Tim Cook — the rhetoric has turned to privacy and security and data and how only products you pay for are good and any sort of free services are inherently bad and basically whore out what’s left of your post-Snowden soul.

It’s an important discussion to have. And one we’ll continue to have. But it’s not one-sided. It’s not binary.

And, actually, it’s interesting to see how the rhetoric has changed recently.

Source: iMore

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