NYT Now axes subscription fee in latest update

The New York Times has updated its NYT Now app today, making it completely free and bringing some design tweaks along for the ride.

If you’re a fan of getting your news on the go, you’ll be happy to know that The New York Times has made reading stories through its curated news app, NYT Now, completely free, dropping the previous $8 per-month subscription cost.

Of course, that’s not all that’s new and updated in NYT Now. Here’s the full breakdown.

  • The app is now completely free. You can read unlimited articles — no need for a paid subscription.
  • The newest articles are highlighted at the top of the news feed.
  • Subscribe to the Morning Briefing and receive an alert when it’s ready.
  • Share screenshots of story summaries to get your friends caught up quickly, too.
  • Redesigned cards tell you what’s happening clearly and simply.
  • And now with 1Password support.

As mentioned, NYT Now previously charged an $8 subscription fee if you wanted to read more than 10 articles per month. With the addition of free unlimited reading, as well as 1Password support, this should be a welcome update no matter how you slice it. If you’d like to start reading away, you can hit up the store link below to get started.

Source: iMore

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