NIVIDIA Shield Android TV is on sale now in Standard and Pro variants

The most interesting Android TV box to date is finally on sale, and now there’s a 500GB Pro version!

Google has done a great job building up Android TV to be something for those of us that need a little more than the Chromecast can offer, but it’s the folks at NVIDIA that are going to take this platform and make it something everyone wants to have in their living room. It’s been quite a while since the GDC unveil of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, where we learned the Tegra X1 and NVIDIA’s slick gaming controller would be coming together to make a set top box, and we left that event wondering why the launch date was all the way out in May.

Now that we see the NVIDIA Shield Android TV on stage at Google I/O, alongside some updates to the Android TV platform, it’s all coming together. In fact, this impressive little box is available to purchase right now.

Source: iMore

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