Mysterious SMS bug reboots your iPhone with a simple text message

A bug has been discovered that causes the Messages app to crash. What causes this issue is receiving a certain SMS, which will trigger said behaviour.

Interestingly, if the SMS is received while the phone is locked, it will not only crash the Messages app but also completely reboot the iPhone.

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across such a bug with Apple’s Messenger app. A rather comforting thought is that you shouldn’t experience this bug simply because the strand of text is so specific. Looking at some tweets published on Twitter, one can see numerous iPhone owners who have been unfortunate enough to receive said text.

We expect Apple will address this issue in a future update, but let’s hope the wait isn’t a long one. If you have been affected by the bug, luckily there are a few handy workarounds that you can try. Either have the person who sent you the offending message send another that should cancel out the malicious text or you could also try to send yourself a message from your Mac or by using Siri.

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: iMore

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