Mophie's new battery case can take the iPhone 6 underwater

Mophie has announced a new case for the iPhone 6 that will not only increase its battery life, but can help the phone withstand more abuse from drops and water.

The Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO case for the iPhone 6 still offers a battery that adds up to 100% more power, like the regular Juice Pack that launched in January. However, the new Juice Pack H2PRO has been made to exceed military standards for smartphones, which enables the case to protect the iPhone 6 from dust, forgine objects and water. Indeed, the case exceeded the P68 Ingress Protection standard, which means it can protect the iPhone 6 when it is in up to four feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Mophie is taking pre-orders for the Juice Pack H2PRO right now for $129.99 and orders are scheduled to start shipping in May.

Source: Mophie

Source: iMore

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