Microsoft pushes updates to Alarms & Clock, Office Preview apps on Windows 10 Mobile

Following a stream of updates to a large number of Windows 10 Mobile core apps yesterday, it looks like Microsoft has a few more up its sleeve. In all, it looks like the Windows Alarms & Clock core app has been updated on Windows 10 Mobile, along with the touch-based Office Preview apps.

There’s no changelog listed for Windows Alarms & Clock, but we wouldn’t expect anything major, and it’s probably mostly bug fixes. According to the changelogs for the Office Preview apps, however, it looks like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all picked up IME input support for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Additionally, both Word and PowerPoint preview now support text prediction on keyboards.

If you’d like to grab the updates, you should be able to pull them down from the Store on Windows 10 Mobile now.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Source: iMore

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