Looking for Mac strategy games? Check out this roundup!

Whether your tastes turn to real time or turn-based strategy games, you’re bound for challenge. Here’s a roundup of some of the best you can get for the Mac.

Strategy games have always had an important place in the pantheon of Mac games. And there are some absolutely terrific ones that will occupy hours of your free time which you can download right now.

MacGamerHQ warns that there’s no freemium or pay-to-win filler here — just games you’ll pay to download and then play as much as you want.

Ric Molina writes:

When it comes to the Mac, the strategy genre is one of the better represented, thanks to the efforts of some of the top Mac porting companies around. Not all strategy games are available, but the cornerstone franchises are here.

The list includes some awesome ones like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the aliens-invade-earth game ported to the Mac excellently by Feral. Asypr’s Civilization V is on the list, of course, the latest iteration of the famed civilization-building strategy game. Indie game FLT: Faster Than Light made the list; this game has simple play mechanics to learn but gets extraordinarily challenging very quickly. Cities: Skylines is also represented; it’s an excellent replacement for people left disappointed by EA’s last SimCity iteration.

If I could have included one on the list, it would have been Sid Meier’s Starships. It’s not the most sophisticated strategy game out there, but it does offer turn-based tactical gameplay I just can’t get enough of.

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