LG Watch Urbane review: The best of the motley wearable crew

“Make a nice smartwatch. But don’t make it too nice.”

That’s sort of the working line you figure was floating around during development of the LG Watch Urbane. Like the LG G Watch R before it, this model can actually pass as a traditional timepiece, at least from a distance. And from that same distance, it looks really nice — easily the best-looking example of Android Wear thus far.

Perhaps that’s damning with faint praise, but the simple fact remains that there are a whole bunch of displays on wrists these days, and few smartwatches that actually look like watches. (And that absolutely includes this one.)

The Urbane (we’re not going to call it “Watch Urbane” any more than is absolutely necessary for obvious reasons) also is the first watch to run Android 5.1.1, which definitely adds a new spin to the software experience, though it doesn’t start from scratch.

Source: iMore

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