LG to let 4,000 lucky fans in 15 countries 'test drive' a G4 before launch

Details are still a little scarce, but LG’s going to give 4,000 folks in more than a dozen countries the opportunity to “test drive” its new G4 Android smartphone in the weeks before it launches.

The phone will officially be unveiled April 28 in New York City — we’ll be there, of course. As per its usual MO, LG’s already announced that the G4 will sport an f/1.8 camera. The rear buttons remain in the same place, as do the laser autofocus and flash. LG also has tipped its hand for a new 5.5-inch QHD display as well as a new user experience.

LG says more details are forthcoming on its various social media channels, so stay tuned.

Source: iMore

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