John Siracusa concludes his reign of epic OS X reviews

After 15 years and 11 Mac OS X reviews, Hypercritical author and Accidental Tech Podcast anchor John Siracusa has announced an end to his epic operating system coverage on Ars Technica.

I still love OS X—and I still have many complaints about it. I will certainly talk about OS X 10.11 (whatever it’s called) at length on ATP, and I’ll read the many great reviews written by others when it’s released. But neither podcasting nor writing have ever been full-time jobs for me. I’ve always had to fit them into my life alongside my actual job and my family. Right now, I’m looking forward to my first summer in many years that won’t be dominated by stolen daytime minutes and long, sleepless nights in front of a screen with a noisy air conditioner blowing behind me. I’m content to have reviewed 10.0 through 10.10. Someone else can pick up the baton for the next 15 years.

I remember reading John’s reviews long before working in tech journalism was even on my radar — and long after. Those reviews in part taught me the value of being thorough when doing deep dives: Focusing on the big picture and how the smaller pieces add up.

And, of course, easter eggs. So many easter eggs.

But those kinds of reviews can be just as exhausting as they are exhaustive — it’s hard to spend four months of your life on a piece of writing that, ultimately, becomes outdated within eight months. Especially when it’s not your primary job.

So, as sad as I will be not to see John’s byline grace Ars’s OS X 10.11 review, I’m happy he’ll have a little more free time in his life for complaining about other things. (Like, say, Star Wars: Episode VII.)

Source: iMore

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