Inside Firefox for Android

Mozilla’s version of an open browser is one of your better options on Android, especially if you are into flexibility and choice.

While there’s a certain appeal to having structured simplicity in a web browser — something that “just works” and doesn’t have option and settings coming at you from every direction — the tradeoff is almost always the sacrifice of choice. You do things the way the app says, with little in the way of options or flexibility. The folks at Mozilla have been opposed to this method of software development for as long as most folks can remember, and their Firefox browser exists as an open, flexible, and powerful way to enjoy browsing the web.

Like many other popular desktop browsers, Firefox has a mobile counterpart. Firefox for Android exists to bring the same standards and principles that guide the desktop version on to Android, and while standards and principles are cool it turns out this is also a great mobile browser. Lets take a look.

Source: iMore

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