In pictures — LG G4 vs OnePlus One

LG and OnePlus share a lot of basic design principles in their latest phones, but software is the great divider in comparing their flagships.

If there’s one thing LG and OnePlus fans have in common, it’s a deep appreciation for the general form factor chosen to encase the chips that make their favorite smartphones go. LG owners pick up something that isn’t their device and awkwardly poke around in an attempt to find power and volume keys that aren’t on the back of the phone, while OnePlus owners watch as some other phone slips out of their hand and try to keep a straight face as they hand the device back. With the launch of the G4, LG has given their fans a powerhouse with no shortage of impressive replaceable backs, and that combination is going to cause users from every group to give this new device a passing glance.

How does the OnePlus One hold up side by side with the G4? Glad you asked. Lets take a look.

Source: iMore

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