IBM's new Watson Health Cloud will draw data from Apple's HealthKit and ResearchKit

IBM has announced today that it has once again partnered with Apple for the launch of its Watson Health Cloud to give researchers access to anonymized health data.

Through its partnership with Apple, IBM‘s Watson Health Cloud will gather and anonymize information from HealthKit and ResearchKit, along with other providers such as Johnson & Johnson, to create an open cloud platform that will allow researchers and health-focused app developers to draw on vast amounts of health data from a centralized, HIPAA-compliant resource.

From IBM:

IBM will de-identify and store health data in a secure, scalable cloud system that enables researchers to access and share data in an open ecosystem environment, as well as have access to IBM’s data-mining and predictive analytics capabilities. Health and fitness app developers and medical researchers will be able to draw on data at a scale that until now has never been available. For apps using HealthKit and ResearchKit, IBM will provide a delivery platform through Health Cloud to easily store, aggregate and model data, combining it with other data sources and types to enrich research findings and identify the next frontiers of medical discovery.

This is just the latest in a close relationship between Apple and IBM. Apple and IBM launched their first round of MobileFirst apps for enterprise users in December 2014, and another batch of apps from earlier this month saw the two companies release the first set of apps for the healthcare industry. As part of today’s announcement, IBM says that it intends to continue this focus with an upcoming suite of HealthKit-enabled wellness apps that will help companies work with their employees to manage their health needs.

Source: IBM (PRNewswire)

Source: iMore

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