I tried the near-finalized version of HoloLens, this is what I think

Late yesterday, some of us were able to try once again out Microsoft’s HoloLens here at Build 2015. This experience was actually my second time with the wearable holographic device, and after 99 days since its announcement, Microsoft has made some significant strides. You can read about my January experience here.

For one, the HoloLens device we were able to use this time was the near-finalized prototype. The version we wore in January was a computer around your neck and a mishmash of hardware used for testing purposes.

Personally, I find it remarkable that this thing exists. It truly has no wires or tether. In terms of weight, it is not light but it is far from heavy. Since it is well balanced in terms of weight distribution, wearing it on your head feels fine. My motorcycle helmet is much more cumbersome, by comparison.

Source: iMore

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