HP Spectre x360 Ultrabook – Our first impressions and video tour

During Microsoft’s annual Build conference last week, the company gave out thousands of HP Spectre x360 Ultrabooks to attendees. Granted, the more than $2k price tag that it takes to attend Build subsidizes the ‘give away’, but the tradition is always one of the fondest moments of the day one keynote.

Mark Guim and I have been using the Spectre for a few days now. His laptop is loaded with the default Windows 8.1, while mine is sporting Windows 10 build 10074.

Truth be told, neither of us are fans of HP’s laptops. However, the Spectre is different. It is built with some assistance from Microsoft’s engineers, and it shows. In fact, I find it hard to put down as you will find out in our detailed, 13-minute video review.

Source: iMore

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