How to Use Hotspot as WiFi on iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

How to Use WiFi on iPhone ?
Using Hotspot on your iPhone have as many advantages as you can use it. For example while you are traveling with your friends and you have Internet on your iPhone than you can turn on it and use as WiFi.

How to do that?
Well it is as simple as that, on your iPhone you have feature called Hotspot which turns your device into WiFi, to have this advantages to use multiple devices from your Cellular Data for many other devices similar WiFi Device works.

Will Carrier Charges Extra for that?
If you are thinking that your carrier will charge extra for Hotspot uses than you might be wrong,  they can  charge extra for this facility. Because Some Carrier Service provider don’t  charge but you need to check their terms and condition before going to use Hotspot on your device. The data of your device will consume more as there will be multiple devices going to use your carrier internet facility on their device, to whom you are allowing.

How to start using Hotspot as WiFi?
Well it is as simple as that, just follow instructions step by step;

  • Step 1 : On your iPhone tap on Settings iCon
  • Step 2 : Now tap on Cellular button


  • Step 3 : Turn on Cellular Data (if it’s Off)
  • Step 4 : Then Tap on “Cellular Data Network”


  • Step 5 : Now you will see Cellular Data, MMS and Personal Hotspot.
  • Step 6 : Now enter the APN Key on hotspot and Cellular data option.


  • Step 7 : Now Reboot your Device
  • Step 8 : Then Tap on Personal Hotspot and turn it On.


  • Step 9 : Then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • Step 10 : Now tap on Wi-Fi Password and enter whatever password you want to put to protect your Carrier data usage.


  • Step 11 : That’s it, Enjoy multiple usage of Hotspot as Wi-Fi from your iPhone.

Which Devices can be Connect to Hotspot :

It easy to turn on Hotspot as Wi-Fi, which can be connected to your Laptop, Mac PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Other Smart Phone Devices. It is easy to use but be careful your carrier service provider might charge extra for that you need to check their terms online.

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