How to replace a broken iPhone 5 screen in under 10 minutes

With the right parts, you can replace an iPhone 5 screen in under 10 minutes.

While a typical iPhone 5 DIY repair requires you to transfer all the small parts from the cracked display over to the new one, we can show you a way to replace your broken screen that will require a lot less work on your part. Not only will it save you lots of time, it will make this repair much more feasible for people with even the most modest DIY experience. And once you’re done, your iPhone 5 will be as good as new again!

The only difference between this version of the repair and our traditional method is the type of replacement display you will buy. Our friends over at eTech Parts now offer iPhone 5 displays with small parts already pre-installed. These are the additional components that are already in place so you don’t have to transfer them:

  • LCD Shield Plate
  • Front Camera with Induction Flex Cable Assembly
  • Front Camera
  • Earpiece Speaker
  • Earpiece Bracket
  • Home Button with Rubber Gasket
  • Home Button Flex
  • Home Button Bracket

Using the traditional method, you’ll have to transfer all of these things over. If you use the instructions and parts inside this particular guide, they’ll all be pre-installed for you. So make the decision on which guide is right for you based on how comfortable you are with DIY repair as a whole. The difference in price isn’t tremendous but the difference in labor is.

Discounted tools & parts

There are lots of parts suppliers out there but not all of them are created equal, especially fly by night Amazon and eBay resellers. That’s why we recommend always using a supplier that specializes in iPhone parts and offers a warranty of some kind. We highly recommend eTech Parts whose customer service and part quality just can’t be matched. eTech offers shipping to many countries throughout the world.

30% off high quality parts and tools

eTech has been kind enough to offer up a coupon code for all the iMore DIY’ers in tons of countries throughout the world that will give you 30% off your entire order. Just use the following coupon code when checking out:

  • eTech coupon code: iMore

Here’s a complete list of parts and tools we recommend for this particular repair. Clicking any of the buy links will take you directly to that item on eTech’s site.

Note: Some people have trouble getting the screen off with a suction cup if it is extremely spidered. This why we recommend picking up a razor blade. We will show you an alternate way of removing the display.

Power off your iPhone 5

Before beginning any repair, always power your iPhone down completely using the Slide to power off option. Easy enough right?

Remove the old screen

  • To begin, use your security screwdriver to remove the two screws in the bottom of your iPhone 5 that sit on either side of the dock.
  • Now place your suction cup above the Home button and gently pry up from the bottom. Take care not to pull the entire screen off as the top of the screen is still attached by several cables. You only want to release the bottom portion.
  • Once the screen is free, swing up the display assembly so you can get to the shield that is holding the cables in place.
  • Use your #000 screwdriver to remove the three screws holding the display shield down. Set the shield aside and remember not to mix up the screws.
  • Now use your spudger tool to pry up the three cables that attach the display to the board. After you do so, the display should be free from the device. You can only see two of the cables (as marked in the photo below) and the third is underneath. Most of the time the third one simply pops up on its own when you remove the first two. If not, just use your spudger to pry it up. The second photo below shows its location on the board for reference.
  • The display should now be free.

Alternate removal method

If you’re having issues pulling the screen up with a suction cup, you may insert a razor blade on the outer edge of either screw hold and pry upwards slightly. This method gives you enough clearance to stick your spudger tool underneath and release the screen. I recommend this method if your hands aren’t as steady or you’re afraid you may pull too hard and damage a cable.

Install the new screen

  • Attach the three cables on the new display to the logic board.
  • Replace the display shield and replace the three screws you removed previously using your #000 screwdriver.
  • Carefully press down the display starting at the top (there are small grooves that fit on the inside of your iPhone 5’s frame, so look for those). And remember, don’t ever force the display down. If you have to force it, something is not lined up correctly.

Replace the dock screws

Use your security screwdriver to replace the two screws that sit on either side of the dock.

Test the new screen

After you have your iPhone 5 completely put back together, you can turn it on again. Make sure to test the following things to ensure the display and small components are functioning correctly:

  • Place a test call and make sure the earpiece functions correctly
  • Type on the keyboard extensively to test for dead spots
  • Make sure transferring from earpiece to speakerphone works correctly
  • Place a call and put your finger over the proximity sensor to ensure the screen goes dark
  • Test the front facing camera to ensure it is working properly
  • Test the Home button by single and double tapping, ensure both work as they should

If everything checks out okay, you’re good to go!

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