How to remove photo location info on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung makes it easy to remove (or add) geotagging on the Galaxy S6. Here’s how.

Having location information attached to pictures you take with your phone can be a lot of fun. Any number of applications and services can organize your shots by location, or create albums and slideshows from various events you’ve been to.

But location information also brings about privacy concerns. Maybe you don’t want the world to be able to see where your house is. Where your children live. Or where you just installed that new 60-inch television. That’s where EXIF data — also know as metadata — comes in. It’s a little bit of information that’s embedded in the pictures you take. It can tell you the model of camera you’re using. The time and date. Information about the aperture and ISO of the shot you took. And, of course, location data.

And Samsung makes easy it toggle geotagging — as well as making it easy to scrub some of this from your images that you’ve taken already. Here’s what’s up.

Source: iMore

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