Record your iPhone & iPad screen

How to Record Your iPhone & iPad Screen

Record Your iPhone & iPad Screen:

Capture a video screen and a game screen is not same like taking a snapshot usually. That kind of facility mostly gamers want to share his performance with his/her friends via social networks. It is true that Apple doesn’t add any built-in functions on video players that you can record or capture screen easily. But there are many ways Apple has been provide you to capture your video screen and games screen easily. Here I am goanna share with you two ways that will capture your video screens easily without harassments.

Record your iPhone & iPad screen

Capture Video Screen of iPhones by Display Recorder:

Display Recorder was an app of Apple app stores but it removes from there, so that you have used it by jail broken process. In that case to be a root user of your iPhone then you have to install Evasi0n7 soft and then you can run Display Recorder for initializations. By install Display recorder you can easily capture the video screen any time and also able to capture games screen easily. By following these steps you can easily able to capture your need-able video screens.

>> Run the Display Recorder app,

>> Settings your Tap,

>> Select your Record Type such as Audio and Video,

>> Select your Capture Method like Direct Access.

>> Then press Record,

>> After that tap the red button,

>>Go home address and choose your App or Game,

>> Again go home address and press the Red Display Record Bar to the destination

>> Lastly press the stop button.

After those steps to view your record file or share it with someone follow these steps again manually.

>> Go to the recorded items that you do just now from Display Record,

>> You will see all items that record by Display Record and just press the button what you want share to YouTube directly or play video,

>> You can also save those files on your cloud storage to see any time and share anytime with Wi-Fi access.

Capture Video Screen by using Elgato Game Capture HD:

Elgato Game Capture HD is the process that you don’t need to install Jail broken process. It’s a hardware that you have to add with you iOS device such as iPhone and iPad. You didn’t need to go any Apple piracy police to capture a video screen manually. Elgato is a device that sold 40 Euro from any Apple customer care centre. It’s also a favorite’s device for Mac user captures any kind of video and game screen. But the system to capture a video or game screen little bit complicated, for that reason follow the below steps and capture your video screen…..

Step 1: Use a Mac USB cable to connect the device Elgato,

Step 2: Then connect the Lighting Digital AV Adapter with your iPhone or iPad,

Step 3: Plug one point with HDMI cable to the Digital AV Adaptor and the other point of HDMI plugged with Elgato Game Capture HD device.

>> Now press the open button of Game Capture HD,

>> Type the name of your game in the title section of Video,

>> Press the red Record button to start recoding,

>> To stop it just click the orange button when you got the Video that you need,

>> After that just press the edit button to edit or press the play button to view it.

These two ways most easy and helpful for an iPhone user that I realize after research broadly about solutions for capture a video screen. You will able to find more ways but these two are better from any other process that I got from Apple support centre for users.

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