Record calls on iPhone

How to Record Calls on iOS Devices using Google Voice App

Record Calls on iOS :

Record calls on iPhone

Whether you are a journalist who likes to stay a recording of your phone interviews for notes, a businessman/woman who needs to be able to revisit a phone conference, or are attempting to be told the way to become a much better communicator, having a recording of your calls may be terribly useful. this article will show you ways to capture your iPhone conversations for reference and posterity.

Step 1  : Create a Google account and if you do not have one already, navigate to on your laptop and build an Google account. Click on the “Sign in” link, then click “Create a new Google account.”

Step 2 : Download and install the Google Voice application, using your phone, search for the Google Voice app in the App store and Install it.

Step 3 : Sign up for Google Voice. Visit to make an account. Log in using your Google account info, then click “Get a Voice Number” in the left-hand column.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to see your Google phone number. you’ll be able to request that your existing signal be used, otherwise you will get a replacement variety only for Google Voice on existing number and can terminate your existing service together with your carrier. This carries have the potential of significant early termination fees, therefore it is a excellent plan to analysis your choices carefully before doing this.
  • Getting a number from Google is free. simply enter an area code, city, or postal code, and you’ll have an inventory to decide on from. you’ll be able to conjointly add a word, phrase, or set of numbers that Google can attempt to match for the phone number. for example, if you living in thecity, and are a florist, you will submit “Milwaukee – 4LILIES” and you will be able to get that as your number.
  • Note that Google Voice is simply out there in the U.S.

Step 4 : Set your Google Voice account to record calls. If you have chosen to introduce a Google number or port your existing number to Google Voice, you will be able to set up your phone to record incoming calls

  • On your computer, log into Google Voice and Navigate it to Click on the gear icon, and choose “Settings.”
  • Click the “Calls” tab, then click the checkbox to the correct of decision choices to enable decision recording.
  • Click “Save Changes.”
  • You will modify recording throughout a decision by pressing 4 at any time. to stop recording, press 4 once more.
  • Note: per Google, Google Voice doesn’t record outbound calls at this point. to boot, Google Voice can announce to all parties that the call is being recorded.

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