How to enable iBooks Auto-Night Theme in iOS

iBooks Auto-Night Theme for ios Device : Complete Guide

iBooks is one of the best way to read book on iphone and ipad and you are reading on your ios device then you have felt that some time screen brightness is painful for eyes specially in dark, if you are reading in night then now we have solution for you.

New version of iBooks is updated with 3 themes for you, now you can switch to dark mode mean your screen will be black and text will be white so it’s easy to reading without giving much pain to eyes.

Apple is always known for developing something really good for its users and now this time they have updated iBooks with some new themes so you can easily read in dark or night without giving any problems to your eyes.

Auto-Night theme is new features in iBook, its updated with awesome features witch detect your local time and according to it will adjust screen theme, it will detect your local time and according to sun ups and goes its adjust screen colors for you, means if you are reading in night then you are able to get black background and white text on it.

Now here is Step by step Guide to Enable Auto-Night Theme on your iphone or ipad.

How to enable iBooks Auto-Night Theme in iOS:

Step 1: First you need to update your iBooks from Apple itunes apps store, if you have already done this step then skip it.

Step 2: Now Open iBooks on your ios Device.

Step 3: Now tap on Book witch you have, you can tap on any book witch you want to read.

Step 4: Now Click on AA button on top right side.

iBooks Auto-Night ThemeStep 5: Now you will get 3 options White, Sepia and Night, tap on Night.

iBooks Auto-Night Theme_1

Step 6: Now tap on anywhere outside the setting box and you will be back on your book.

That’s it, you have successfully Enable iBooks Auto-Night Theme in iOS device, if you are getting any problem with doing this then feel free to write in comments, we are here to help you with iBooks Auto-Night Theme.

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