How to easily switch from Android to iPhone!

Google makes it easier than ever to switch from Android to iPhone

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people who want to switch to iPhone but are worried that it might be too much work — especially that they’ll need to stress over finding new apps and services to replace the ones they’ve been using on Android. Luckily, that’s not the case — thanks to Google!

That’s because Google treats the iPhone as a first-class citizen and makes sure all their best apps and services all work great on iOS. It’s in Google’s best interests, after all. They’re an advertising company and, at the end of the day, the more people who use their apps and services, the more attention and data those services get.

All the Google apps for iPhone

  • Google, the app that used to be called Google Search, gives any previous Google Now user all the information cards they know and love, and even accepts voice commands and questions with a familiar “Okay, Google!” – Download now.

  • Google Maps, if that’s the way you’re used to finding your way, is ready and waiting for you with full voice-guided turn-by-turn notifications, live traffic, street view, and more! – Download now.

  • Gmail offers both the classic Gmail proper and the new Inbox by Gmail app so you can keep track of all your email, with stars, labels, and all the other features Google provides.

  • Google Calendar, if that’s where you keep all your appointments, events, and meetings, will make sure you’re alerted, as well as let you add new ones. – Download now

  • Google Chrome, the same web browser you find on Android, Windows, and the Mac, is also on iOS. If you log in, you can sync everything from your bookmarks to your tabs, and enjoy translation, voice search, incognito, and all the trimmings. – Download now.

  • Google+, the app front-end to Google’s social network, lets you post what you’re doing and thinking, keep up with the people in your circles, interact with groups, and store and share all your photos. – Download now.

  • Hangouts makes sure you can keep in touch with all your Google+ friends, singularly or in groups, over text, voice, and video. – Download now

  • **Photo Sphere Camera]( lets you keep on taking your 360º panoramas and sharing them with your circles on Google+.

  • Google Drive has recently been split into a suite of apps. There’s Google Drive proper, which lets you access all your files from Google’s servers. Then there’s Sheets, Docs, and Slides to let you get all your office work done and synced on the cloud.

  • Gmail, for anyone who wants the full on labels and stars experience, works really well on the iPhone. There’s support for up to 5 accounts, notifications, search, and much, much more. – Download

  • Youtube has several apps for the iPhone, including the YouTube app proper that lets you access your account, subscriptions, and more, YouTube Kids for children, YouTube Studio Creator for on-the-go channel management, and YouTube Capture for getting your videos online.

  • Google Voice lets you make calls and send texts from your GV number, and listen or read your GV voicemail, right on your iPhone. – Download now

  • Google Play makes all your content accessible and available, including Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Newstand, all on your iPhone.

  • Google Wallet keeps your cards with you on the iPhone so you can make payments, send and receive money, and use your loyalty programs. – Download now

  • Google Authenticator lets you keep protecting your logins with two-step verification for all the sites and services that support it. – Download now

  • Ingress, if you’re playing Google’s real-world set video game, lets you keep going right where you left off, right from your iPhone. – Download now

  • Google account apps, the kind that let you run your Google web services, are also available, including Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords Express

  • Google Device apps let you control and interface with all the hardware Google makes, including Chromecast, Google TV Remote, My Glass, Google Fiber,

  • Google apps, beyond what are listed above, exist for almost every service, including Google Translate, Snapseed, Blogger, Google Classroom, Google News & Weather, Field Trip, Google Express, Zagat, Chrome Remote Desktop, Google My Business, Google Coordinate, and Google Life Scienses

The best of all worlds

With iPhone, you not only get all of Apple’s great apps, but almost all of Google’s, and the best of Microsoft and pretty much everyone else as well. It makes switching to iPhone not only relatively painless, but relatively pleasurable. That’s one of the iPhone’s biggest strengths — it enjoys first-class support from everyone else — and one of the biggest reasons to switch.

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