Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

How to Download YouTube videos on iPad and iPhone

Download YouTube videos on iPad and iPhone :

To download YouTube videos and save them in your iPad or iPhone’s storage, neither Google’s own YouTube app or iOS 8’s safari web browser have offered you such a way. So first you have to go to your app store and download a suitable app of video downloader as you like and let it get installed in your device.

Many downloader apps those are free to download, have several complains due to their problematic nature or for their nature of being suddenly stop working. It’s never very difficult to find another alternative, but the app named ‘Vdownload ‘, is the most famous app of YouTube video downloading.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

How to download YouTube videos to an iPhone or iPad

Step1. From your device, first go to the App Store and make a search of “Video downloader Lite Super – VDownload “..

Step2. This app is folly free, so tap ‘Get’ and then your password if required.

Step3. Then launch the app and the browser that is built in your device should be opened. If it doesn’t get access to’s mobile site) automatically, then no need to be worried. Just type that url into the address bar. And if you are using a iPad then just type the YouTube URL ( into the address box.

Step 4. After you enter in the YouTube’s website, make a search for your expected videos.

Step 5. Now pick a video from the list of results showed after search and it will begin to buffer. If it doesn’t played automatically, then tap the play button (circular shaped, below-left) and you should see the bobbing up and down of a little disk icon.

Then You will see a pop-up with the option to Download the video, as below, you might see a disk icon, like in the middle screenshot.

Step 6. The video will start to play, and you should see a little red circle having a ‘badge’ over the Downloads link at its underneath. If not, then just tap on the middle of the video pan to get the interface, and then tap Done.

You can see the current download progress by tap on Downloads to (shown below, left), and once it get completed, you’ll be able to watch the video even if disaster strikes and you find yourself without an internet connection.

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