How to change your quick settings on the Galaxy S6

The quick settings are one of the more important sets of options on any phone — and Samsung’s got a bunch of choices.

There are a ton of settings on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Go ahead and try to count them. We’ll wait. … … … OK, we’re done waiting. And Samsung knows you don’t necessarily want to spend all day getting to them as well. So there are 10 quick settings at the top of the notification shade when you pull it down. You see five by default, then can scroll through to the others.

But that’s just the start. There actually are 16 quick settings choices on the T-Mobile version of the GS6. The Verizon model, on the other hand, has 19. So there are choices to be had. What you see will vary depending on what version you have.

And here’s how you can swap ’em out.

Source: iMore

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