Boost your iphone battery life

How to boost your iPhone Battery Life

Boost your iPhone Battery Life :

If you thinking about your battery life that how many times it will continue after charging your iOS devices when you going for a long term journey and also want to your hear favorites songs with high quality sounds of iPhone. But also worry about that if your phone getting off for low battery percentages then it became problems for you. Some iOS devices like iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Apple developers planned to solve these issues with brilliant ideas and techniques. As an Apple consumer from several years here we giving some way to boost iPhone battery life easily that we got from Apple user reviews…

Boost your iphone battery life

Consulting Apple Expert ideas for boosting your iPhones:

What do you want to choose for boosting your iPhone easily and feel free when you going for a long journey from your home and they are…

>> If you really tired with IOS old versions and also facing battery problem then update your iOS6 to iOS8. Because iOS8 coming with lot of features and also have long time batter life facilities.

>> To solve your battery problems with an easy tricks then just go to the top of iPhone and go into these steps to check your battery ability. Steps to follow like these Settings >> General >>Usage>>Battery Usage, it will inform you the usage of battery from the removing your phone and the stand by mood facilities will shown how many times your IOS device have time to switch off. You just note the time and check it after 5 minutes when you press the top button of iPhone it will show how much it have and also can recognize your battery prob.

>> Update you IOS6 or IOS7 to IOS8 to check which app consumes battery power too much. To check your apps drain follow those steps like these Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and scroll down to check which app use most of power of battery.
>> To remove low battery or empty battery related problems you can also down your brightness little to consume battery life.

>> Turn on your auto lock systems to getting screen off after using your phone like after 1 minute.

>> You can also turn on Airplane Mode when you getting sleep for some times.

>> Disable your IOS device Bluetooth, WI-Fi and 3G connections at your sleeping or meeting hours.

>> On your iOS7 and iOS8 device you must turn your visual effects off, when you are in your office meeting. Just follow these steps when you attend a client. Steps to follow (Settings > General > Accessibility > and switch ON/Off.)

You can also turn off your unnecessary items that you didn’t needed ever or just store it on your internal memory for once. The Apple expert users suggest some ideas that can ensure you, didn’t take any kind of tensed for low battery problems. Like avoid your entertainment services, turn off mail notifications, icloud services etc.

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