How to Backup your iPhone Photos Automatically

Backup your iPhone Photos Automatically

Did you suffering with your internal memory storage that you capture your sweet moments waith your iPhone high quality camera lances but it became harassment when you ping a notification that you have low storage on your iOS. At Yahoo answer and Apple support center, most of users asking how to backup my photos robotically on iOS devices. The official support center of iOS will recommended you to backup your photos, videos and files on iCloud, a virtual drive that you can see your files anytime and anywhere with internet accessibility. But in this discussion we are providing some cloud drives that can be use alternate of iCloud.

Here are some solutions for backup your iPhone photos robotic on various cloud drives….

Set your iCloud as a robotic backup for your iOS devices:

Backup your iPhone Photos Automatically

iCloud is a virtual drive providing by Apple that you can use it as a backup house for your iPhone. To set your backup storage house on iCloud drive by using iPhone then follow these steps manually.

1st Step

>> If your iPhone OS running with iOS 8 then, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.

>> Also can do with older versions of iOS, Tap Settings > iCloud.

2nd Step:

>> Tap the name of your iOS device like as iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus etc.

3rd Step:

>> At the down section you will able to see your all apps and files that you can control for ON/OFF backup of your files like as photos, videos, files etc.

But using iCloud there is some kind of problem coming when you reach the ending node of your iCloud 5 GB storage. After that, you can purchase for more storage or you can delete your data and keep saving your files on iCloud automatically.

How to Backup your iPhone on Mac PC :

Backup your iPhone on Mac PC

The Mac PC can be a faithful and confidential drive to save your data like iPhotos and free your iPhone to running low storages. If you connect your iPhone with your PC then you can easily move your iPhotos to Mac and also didn’t need to delete your photos from your iPhone because it will automatically move it on PC. Steps, that has to follow for moving iPhotos iPhone to Mac PC.

>> Connect your iPhone by a cable that will support with Mac PC.

>> Open your iPhoto App from your application center,

>> Chose the iPhoto’s sidebar in iPhone,

>> Press the blue import photos button,

>> Just press the delete button to remove photos from your iPhone.

These easy steps will automatically save your all kind of iPhotos data on your Mac PC faithfully and if you want to still watiching your photos then you can also able to see theses by using iTunes and photo streams.

How to Backup your iPhone Automatically using Dropbox :

How to Backup your iPhone Photos Automatically

Transferring iPhotos from iPhone to Mac daily or weekly will be sometime boring and lengthy process for you. But in that case if you use a faithful cloud device such as Dropbox and Camera upload then it can be make the transferring step too much easy. The Camera upload directly copy your photos from iPhone to Dropbox. If you are running Dropbox on your Mac then it will automatically saved their and also able to modify your storage device from your iPhone and PC. Steps that have to do for complete this process.

>> Download the app Dropbox for your iPhone and install it. After that login Dropbox by your user ID and password.

>> Enable the option of Camera upload.

By these only two easy steps your iPhotos will be save on your Dropbox and also you can able to delete it or edit from anywhere just accessing the internet connections.

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